Pocket dhoti online

The cotton velcro pocket dhoti has become the trend of the hour. The pockets resemble to regular men trousers. When purchasing velcro pocket dhoti, make sure that you measure the size of your hips and do not buy the same size as your trousers. This is indeed a very important step to get a perfect dhoti that fits well. Cotton premium white velcro pocket dhoti gives an elegant look to the wearer and is suitable for parties, weddings, etc. The Golden zari border imparts an attractive look to the dhotis. The pockets on the sides allow you to keep money, wallet, mobile phone, etc. Gentle machine wash is recommendable. Being white, it should not be washed with any other colored clothes. Branded pocket dhotis ensure quality stitching, proper fitting and, high-quality material. The best part is that 4-6 loops are available to insert the belt. These belts are extraordinary and completely different from the normal belts. These pocket dhotis look similar to normal dhotis and pair well with half sleeve shirts. Both light and dark colored shirts can team up well with white dhoti. You can get multiple types of pocket dhoti online at affordable prices. With the ongoing time, new types, and colors are also coming up.