Method of preparing linen saree

The quality of the final product that is made of linen is majorly dependent on the conditions under which the fibres are grown and how they are harvested. There are a number of techniques that are used for harvesting raw materials for linen. For any linen fibre to be long, flax should be harvested by hand or it should be cut at a region that is very close to the root. Once the plants have been harvested they should be dried thoroughly following the removal of the seeds. The process through which the seeds are removed is completely mechanized and it is called as rippling. The other name given to the process is winnowing. The next step is to loosen the fibre and separate it from the stalk. They can be done wither by natural retting that does not use any chemicals or the other method which loosens the stalk by using chemicals to break down the fibre. Even though the second method is faster, it is harmful to the environment and also to the fibres. They are then put through a process of scutching and heckling. The short fibres are removed and finally spun into linen textiles. People can buy linen cotton sarees online.