Embrace Scandinavian Design In Your Home

There are several different countries that have enviable decorating styles and none more so than the Scandinavians. They manage to design homes that are both calming and elegant, both enviable traits that a lot of us try and fail to replicate in our homes. If you don’t think you are too familiar with the Scandinavian style, chances are that you have seen their ideas of minimalism, muted earthy tones and natural materials incorporated into a lot of other people’s designs.

The Scandinavians really take the idea of a home being a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and therefore make it serene and inviting to all. If you are a person who appreciates liveliness and bright colours then perhaps this is not the style for you, although there is nothing stopping you introducing a few colour schemes to the mix.

The reason the Scandinavian style works so well in modern interior design is because of its simplicity. They are known for their minimalism and brightness, with the preferred colour scheme being white and other neutral tones. Their use of white doesn’t stop at painted walls; they also like to incorporate the colour into their furniture, accessories and decorations too. The result is a bright and spacious look but to many this can be seen as cold if colour isn’t introduced in some way and others see the use of neutral tones as reminiscent of a doctor’s surgery.

If you are a fan of a simple and clean style then this is definitely one that you should look to take inspiration from. The basic concept for each room is relatively similar with Scandinavian design but also each room is approached in a unique way and has distinctive characteristics. For instance, the kitchen is an integral room in their culture and its design teams openness and an airy feel with functionality and practicality.

So how can you replicate this in your own home? Well there are a few key themes that will help you create this calming and elegant style.

One of the most obvious trends with Scandinavian design is the use of light-finished wooden floors. The lightness and use of natural material helps to create a transitional feature that complements the rest of the rooms design.

Earthy Shades
While plenty of people aren’t too keen on having an all white interior, never fear the Scandinavians are also fans of earthy shades that are reminiscent of stone to add a bit of atmosphere and create warmth in a home. You might think this sounds unappealing when read but check out some examples of it and soon you’ll want to incorporate the look too!

Natural Light
Nature plays a key part in this design style and what better way to get the most out of the neutral décor than by ensuring there is a lot of natural light. To do this try and get the most out of your windows by removing any thick curtains or privacy blinds that tend to dull the light.

As the colour palette is relatively stripped back, these designs rely heavily on textures and fabrics to create additional warmth and variation. Think along the line of throws and rugs to help break up textures.