Economic And Fireproof Gypsum Boards Are Great For Interior Decoration

Gypsum boards are an amazing product to work with for making small partitions, structures in interior decoration, and for making great items of aesthetic enhancement. Basically, the use of these boards, which are also called dry boards, wall boards etc. is for the making of items for interior decoration andbeautification only. And it’s used for its ease of use and some special properties which adds to its utility. Ease of use of Gypsum board is because it’s easy to cut and resize. The boards come in various sizes, the width varying between 48 and 54 inches and the length varying between 8 and 12 feet. They can easily be cut with a knife or saw, without the need of sophisticated tools, and without having to exert a lot of pressure on sizing and working onthem. Besides, the other properties of dry boards, which adds to their utility are:

  • Economic pricing.
  • High water content of 21% making the core of the board practically non-combustible. The chemically held water inside is released slowly as steam when the board gets exposed to fire. Thusit does not burn and also does not let fire spread.
  • They block sound and hence is a good sound proofing material.
  • Has a great life.