Be Expressive With Wall Art

For a lot of us wall art can be intimidating thing. Expressing your tastes in the open for all your guests to see is something that a lot of us would rather not do and most of us wouldn’t even know where to begin! Having said that, there are so many ways we can make our walls, which are often baron and dull, more exciting. Even a flash of creativity and colour can have a huge impact on a room and as a result we are seeing a growing trend of wall art in our homes.

But what do we mean by wall art? For us it is a term that is inclusive of any kind of creative design on your walls…from framed art to your own take on a wall collage. Here are some interesting ideas that can breath some life into even the most generic white wash walls.

Gallery Walls
If you are short on space then incorporating the ‘gallery wall’ idea of using multiple small shelves to display pictures and photographs can be very eye-catching and modern. It is a simple look to create that doesn’t require a particularly large amount of work. It also means you can chop and change the display whenever you like to suit your tastes. Once the shelves are in place, what you place on them is entirely up to you; a lot of people tend to embrace a specific theme to give the display some form of flow and symmetry. Also by choosing a specific theme such as black and white photographs, you are creating a more impactful display.

Use A Rug
This is an interesting design option and there are plenty of cultures that hang rugs from their walls to not only maintain heat but also as a feature. Using a rug as art requires a relatively high quality design but if pulled off correctly then it can be very aesthetically pleasing.

Framed Wallpaper
This is a growing trend and a great way to help co-ordinate your room. Invest in some good quality frames and paint them a similar colour to your wall and then within the frames add matching or contrasting wallpapers for an instant cool design. It is a great way of bringing attention to your walls without having to spend a lot of money on artwork.

Customised Canvases
It is easier than ever to get your photographs or images scaled up and printed on canvases and a lot of people love the idea of doing this with early pictures of them and their families. Plenty of sites even let you customise your image to create more of an artistic feel and even a painted look to them.

If you are looking to be creative with wall art then along the lines of customised canvases, why don’t you try dabbling with being artistic yourself? If you have ever painted or drawn then you might want to consider displaying your own work as a point of interest rather than paying for someone else’s.