2014’s Interior Design Trends

There are more people than ever interested in designing their ideal homes and this means that interior design has become more popular than ever. Whilst certain interior design trends are timeless, there are others that are new to the party or drop in and out of favour. To help you on your way to your ideal home here are our top interior design trends of 2014!

Merging Indoors With Nature
We have seen a real development in bringing the outdoors into our homes, essentially merging our outdoor and indoor environments. Think along the lines of more comfortable and textured outdoor seating and introducing walls of green vegetation into your home for a more natural environment.

Danish Cool
This year we are seeing designers taking their style tips from the Danish, especially their style of beds. Offering people low, clean and clinical beds that create an immediate look of style and sophistication. It is a look that favours that of minimalism and definitely makes itself the focal point of the room, so keep your room clutter free and choose neutral tones if you go for this look.

Heavy Metal
Metal is a material that was once deemed to cold for the home but it is now incredibly popular. Think along the lines of brass and copper finishes on handles and taps, and now metal splashbacks are seeing a rise in the kitchen too. The metal trend is an easy way to add a touch of style and a modern feel to a home.

The floral trend is one that is not only in fashion this year but also interior design. This trend can easily be incorporated into a room through pieces of art, wall prints and wallpaper. This is a trend that you can easily attempt yourself but if you have the funds it is a great idea to get a professional to create a hand painted piece. Be brave with your floral choices and go for striking and intricate designs to meet one of 2014’s key design trends.

Vintage and Shabby
The vintage and shabby chic trend is forever popular and there is little chance of it abating. Why splash out money on expensive modern designs when you can have adventures at car boot sales and vintage stores for pieces that have a lot of character and interest. Over the last few years we have seen a rise in the use of wood and glass designs and accessories, think vintage bottles, storage jars and quirky tables. This trend can easily be introduced into a variety of existing interior design styles and offers quirky pieces to compliment your existing look.

It might be a trend that feels a bit unnatural for us to do as the majority of us prefer the feel of symmetry and matching designs. But mismatching décor in an uncoordinated way is becoming a big trend of 2014 and by incorporating different patterns and prints as well as furniture, you can create some attention grabbing designs.